Monday, July 17, 2006

New goals..

I've almost stopped quilting, spending most of my time doing ebay with some knitting thrown in. We have a new goal, to pay off as many debts as possible including paying down the mortgage as fast as we can to put ouselves in the best possible financial situation to move.
We aren't as loaded down with debt as many folks, but it will be good to have even those off our backs.
I need to face that at the rate of deterioration, even losing weight, I will ikely not be able to walk much at all within the next year or two. I've lost at least 30% of my mobility in the past year. Last summer I was able to mostly keep up with the garden, for example, and cook a few times a week. Until things are set up for the wheelchair, cooking's on hold. Mainly it involves getting things moved out of the livingroom again, but with Oscar working so much overtime, its hard to get done. It WILL get done, though, probably Thursday or Friday. Maybe we can just move one item each week.
After we get our debts paid down we will look for a universal design home, either here, if Oscar is happy with his job, or somewhere in the southwest. So. Its good to have goals. Between Oscar's overtime and my Ebay efforts, it will happen.

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