Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ypsilanti is Odd

We have a lot of religious establishments in the area. One has a very striking name. "Burning Bush Ministries". We received a flyer for it in the mail a few years ago, and being Pagans who practice skyclad with candles, and sing "Never set the witch on fire" (a jolly rollicking tune) at the drop of a hat, we did get a good chuckle out of it.

Now let me say up front that although I know very little about this particular group, I have every respect for many churches, especially those brave enough to get new groups started, and who follow thier chosen path to the best of thier ability. So when I first spied a beautifully done bill board a few days ago for Burning Bush Ministries, my first thought was "Good for them!" They obviously are doing well enough to still be around, and gathering worshipers. When I got closer though, and read the full sign, I'm afraid amusement won out.

Thier full slogan:
"Burning Bush Ministries, Anointed to Make a Difference"


Lynx said...

No Comment! None needed! {ROFLM*O!!!!!}

somebody hand me a match....

Ysabeau said...

Oh, deary, deary me, whatever were they THINKING of?!!! The anointed part is just... omg, so obliviously over the top silly - B*B, Ysabeau