Monday, July 31, 2006

I love my 'job'

In order to make enough money for my art and craft supplies, I do some ebay. Sometimes it is fascinating. Just this week, for example, I am mailing packages to Estonia, Brunei Darussalem, Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand! Talk about virtual travel!

I enjoy using old newpapers for packing filler, imagining that they might be of interest to people in other countries.

I also enjoy chatting via email with them. The woman from Brunei Darussalem in particular has been wonderful to 'talk' with :-} I hadn't even heard of her country before she bought some of my books.

I had some disappointing news today, the time allowed for a response on my SSD has expanded to 22 months, which means I probably have another year to wait. It could be worse. I recently heard of one woman who was granted SSD and received checks for 5 months before the government changed thier minds, and then to top it off asked for all the money back. Where is she supposed to find it, I wonder?

It cheers me up to have ebay to do. I started working (and paying into the Social Security fund) when I was 12 years old and worked for 6 weeks every summer detassling corn for Dekalb. Although I never made much money per hour at any job, I've almost always HAD a job for 30 years. I am glad that, although I don't make enough money to survive, at least I help with the household expenses as best I can, put a little into savings, and pay for my 'fun stuff'. I know Oscar would do whatever he could to make certain I had art supplies or anything else I might want, but I'm glad he doesn't have to. Right now he's working 12 hours of overtime each week, to put toward the mortgage.

Our goal is to pay off as much of our bills and mortgage as possible, sell this house, and move to a house with Universal Design. I am able to save $50 to $150 each month from ebay, directly into the savings account. If we can hold out for another year, and if SSD comes though, it will make a huge difference in our lives.

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