Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Ok, today is supposed to be the hottest day this year in our area, with a heat index in the teens. So. I am blessed with an old air conditioner that keeps one room (the bedroom) tolerable, and the rest of the house is basically loaded with fans. Not bad at all, much better than some have it.
Instead of bitching and moaning, I have found some benefit to this heat stuff.
First, its an EXCELLENT tool for body cleansing. I'm going to be pushing fluids, and drinking tea made from detoxifying herbs.
Second, it will make yarn dying a breeze! All I need do is slap some color on those puppies, and put them into dark plastic bags in the sun. Instant dye setting with that added bit of serendipitydoodah that makes it fun. I LOVE not knowing what the result will be.

I have 5 skeins of laceweight yarn that I want to dye in blues/greens, and plenty of vinegar.

Its no joke, though. I feel for anyone with asthma or no air conditioning, or both.
Wishing everyone out there health, and access to coolth.

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