Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Small 'steps'

A few weeks ago I got my ADA transport card. This means a bus will come pick me up when I order it and take me anywhere in town for $2. Home again for another $2. (The getting home part is important, eh?)

Today, I looked up information on the wheelchair-accessible pool we have here in Washtenaw county and found out there is a $50 discount in membership to the recreational facility because I'm disabled. Then I called to ask my Doc for a note of disability, which should arrive in the mail by next Monday. Either Ebay will come in or Oscar will get paid by the 4th to pay for the $135 yearly membership. So, all things considered I can start swimming once a week (more often as I gain strength) within the next 2 weeks!

I am excited and nervous. But its a matter of life and death for someone of my weight. That's worth a little discomfort at being seen in a swimming suit. I'd probably feel more comfortable naked. But I'm weird like that, and it could get me arrested in public, so swim suit it is :-} Maybe if I dye my hair flourescent Pink it will distract viewers?


momtroll said...

Wonderful! I know you will love swimming. Any type of movement, even fingers, also when sitting or lying in bed lifting legs helps. You will be happy to have independence again with transportation. I am happy for you.

Lynx said...

Yay! Transportation AND swimming facilities, a double blessing. You could always enhance your swimsuit with a saying from my friend's t-shirt: IT'S NOT NICE TO STARE. He also has one that says "Keep staring, I might do a trick". We can give attitude back if we have to, sis! Look on the bright side, at least you can get a swimsuit that fits. And within the year (at the most) if you are swimming like you used to, you will be down two or three sizes. And don't forget the mental enhancement of independence and being able to do something again that you love. Just don't get back into karate for a while! {grin} Of course, TaiChi is always an option. Wish we were closer, we could take classes together. I am also very very happy for you... MERMAIDS ROCK! {silly grin}