Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wordplay G is for....

Gold - I used to love silver and cool colors exclusively, but the past few years my astes hav changed to include gold and other warm shades as well. Not certain what that signifies.
Gratitude - Somewhere someone somewhen said something like: True happiness comes from being grateful every day. I think it can be highly underrated. I'd be more grateful if I could find the exact quote :-}
Guffaw - Large Loud unselfconscious laughter. One of my favorite sounds, to hear and produce. Last week one of my neighbors guffawed for 30 minutes straight! As my ex husband the stand up comedian says : "There wasn't a dry seat in the house."
Gila Monster - Beautiful poisonous creatures. Not certain why my mind drifted there, but I do find them interesting..
Germane - Hmm. means fitting, pertinent. I checked the etymology (I love etymology!) and found it comes from Middle English 'Germaine' meaning 'of the same parents'. Maybe it would be interesting to do a collage or altered bookd based on the etymology of common words.. With a key in the back so folks would know what was illustrated. For Germane, I might use images of twins, for example.
Gusto - How I love to live. Sometimes I lose my gusto under the bed and its hard work to unearth it again, but it always shows up eventually.
Gallivant - This had a negative meaning in my family growing up. It meant your actions were to no purpose. I think it's positive, though. It implies an openness to opportunity, an overwhelming interest in many things.
Genuine - Right or wrong, good or bad has no meaning, only honesty. It's connected to being non-judgmental, to me. Is also a synonym to Pukka... (ala Jamie Oliver)
Germander - A great brewing herb, It was used to make medicinal drinks as well, particularly for Asthma and coughs. Its one I have growing in my garden, which reminds me, I need to move it to the new herb bed!
I have a picture of Germander somewhere on an old failed hard drive, here's one I borrowed in the meantime.

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