Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sunflower... the death oil

I was mostly in a good mood, even though today was when I got my three allergy shots, which means I'll feel crappy for the next day or so. The sun is shining and I have some hand work I can do to keep me out of trouble. I had a lovely lunch from Hillers deli section. I sliced some of their tenderloin on some baby romaine and added a bit of radish and feta. Yum. We treated ourselves to some Red-skinned potato salad, which was a mistake. The salad tasted fine, but my mouth began to tingle. Which means they must have used sunflower, probably oil. Probably changed mayos on us. Sheesh. My mouth is tingling and my throat is a bit tight but Thank Goddess my mouth tingles well before the worst begins, so I am eating a frozen smoothie bar (Ice helps the swelling go down fast) and making a mental note that the Hillers' potato salad is no longer safe. Even teh smoothie tastes like crap becasue of the nasty metallic taste from the reaction. I have an epi pen for emergencies, but I don't want to go to the hospital, so I use the ice solution first. So far so good.


Ysabeau said...

One of the biggest reasons I no longer eat out very often, is I can't know what's in there, and I have reactions and don't know which thing caused it. I don't have allergies, per se, luckily. Glad it wasn't worse. B*B, Ysabeau

Anonymous said...

Magic photo! I first saw gray shapes on colourful background, then my eyes refocused and I saw the cats on quilt. Collage-like and wonderful visual play.