Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Word Play F is for

Time to catch up!!!

F IS FOR....

Fantasy -
I've always had a rich fantasy life, I remember daydreaming until time went away. I grew up far away from any town, with three brothers who, after they reached a certain age, didn't want a stinky old girl haning around (I was eldest) So I had a wonderful time all by myself. I used to hide out on the roof of the house or the outbuildings, or go so far out into the fields that I couldn't see anything but the green or gold waving above me and dream, or read, or both.

Fire -
Of the four elements, its the one I always had difficulty with in my spiritual practice. I was never quite certain of what it represented. Fire- South- Inspiration.. then I connected it with the burning desire to create that I sometimes have, whenI can hardly wait to get out of bed and DO whatever was teasing me in the night. Whether it be a story line or needing to splash color down on someting, I love those times, and am thankful to have the time to explore!

Febrile -
One of those words I had to look up when I started seriously studying herbalism. It means feverish. It sounded so much like feeble that I connect the two in my mind, but febrile feels more active. You know how when you first get a fever, sometimes you feel pretty darned good? I get almost manic.

Feckless -
To be without Feck. I've liked this word because of its similarity to fetlock (which my dyslexia often spells fecklot), I associated with horsesm and the word reckless. Its true etymology is from the Scots, Feck, short for Effect. Without Effect. A pretty horrible thing to call someone.

Felony -
On application forms (for jobs) they always ask if you've committed a felony. I did, actually, (going 50 miles an hour over the posted speed limit when I was young, reckless and immortal) But the cop wrote it up as 30 miles over, so that it wouldn't count as a felony. It must have been the fuzzy bunny slippers I was wearing. So since I was never comvicted of a felony, I always say 'no'.

Fortuna -
Roman Goddess of Chance, Good Luck and happiness. She's thought to have developed from the Etruscan Goddess Nortia who was also a Goddess of fertility. The Romans worshipped her in many different aspects. One of her feast days was day before yesterday, June 11th. It might be interesting to go through my Goddess calendar for a year, and pay special attention on different Goddess days, to that Goddess.

Finished - Although finishing a project can be pretty darned satisfying, it can be a let down. Finishing can also become a chore, trying to clear the decks and make room for the next project, and that can squeeze the joy from the process. Also, when I leaf through those books teaching art, where they show the different stages of the artwork, my favorite is almost ALWAYS the one JUST prior to the one the author says is done.

Festival - Some of my favorite memories take place at Pagan festivals, such freedom, connecton and joy!! Once I get a scooter I think I'll be trying to make some new memories. I love the smaller festivals, where you can really spend time with fewer people, and learn more from them.

Feisty - I've always wanted to be feisty, like Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man. I had red hair when I was a kid, maybe that will help. I looked up the etymology on Bartleby.com , and found "Variant of obsolete fist, short for fisting dog, from Middle English fisting, a blowing, breaking wind, from Old English fsting" which was FAR different than I expected.. I guess I'm feisty even without the red hair, depending on what I had for lunch.

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