Saturday, June 03, 2006

Oscar's Family

We had a lovely adventure Thursday. Well, for me it was an adventure! We drove up to meet my Mom-in-law, Liz for lunch. Its the first we've seen her since she returned from Florida this Spring, and she looked fantastic. She's a lovely fine-boned woman with dark eyes and long silver hair, and VERY active. She leads exercise classes both in Michigan and Florida, and volunteers as a teacher both places too. There are many kids who learned to read earlier and better than they would have otherwise, because she takes the time to care about each one. The same can be said of my Mom, still well-known in Quincy for the love and skills she gave to any student who had special needs.
When in Florida, Liz competes in Senior athletic events alnd always brings home medals, as well as competing in ballroom dance with her partner, Fred. I love Oscar and would have married him regardless of family, but Liz and Lynnie (Oscar's Sis) were definate bonuses!
The pictures are from Lynn's colorjoy blog (see link at right) . One of Lynn and her husband Brian and one of Liz.

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