Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wordplay A is for

A is for
Abundance – not worrying where your next meal or bill payment is coming from, looking at the garden overflowing with beauty, always having enough to share

Apathy – not caring, not even caring that you don't care. Entropy and Apathy have something in common.

Agrimony – of the rose family, yields a yellow dye, if placed under one's pillow, will cause the person to fall into a deep sleep until it is removed…a useful herb, for skin eruptions, jaundice, and is used in a spring tonic tea.. sweet scented, especially in spring.

Acrimony – Bitter anger, backbiting, when my heart is unhappy, and I haven’t reached apathy, I become like resting next to a hedge of thorns.

Assault – overwhelming force,. Can be physical, but I am more often assaulted by strong ideas, odors, and art. Commonly has a negative assotioation, but to me, it also speaks of surrendering to an overpowerig force, which can be a good thing once in a while.

Anger – can be a useful emotion, when allowed to flow freely, at its own pace. Like water, it becomes brackish and dead when dammed up. Also like water, can be destructive when hurled as a weapon (Katrina)

Alliteration – clever choice of words. The melding of intellect and music. Making words important for their sound as well as their meaning.

Astute – or Ass-toot… you be the judge

Astrophysics - Hmm. The heavenly bodies doing Pilates?

Allay- reduce intensity.. soften.. has a hint of deception about it?

Antinomy - Paradox... the contridictory opinions of two physicians?

Antipodes - a race of beings who's feet face opposite form teh way our feet face... with ass overhanging toes....

Axis - the central point about which all rotates. what is your axis? what is mine?

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