Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wordplay C is for....

Cherish- The older I get, the more I learn the value in cherishing anything positive that's in my life.
Calendula - a wonder herb. A beautiful sun in flower form, it adds color to rice, and makes a soothing cream for burn damaged skin. See image below
Castanets - Part of me wants to be a tall slender woman with long black hair, making my own music with heels and castanets, my skirts and hair swirling..
Cerridwen - Celtic Moon Goddes.. ties in with another lovely C-word, Cauldron.
Cow - I just like them. They are so friendly.. There's nothing warmer than leaning on a cow at 4 a.m. on a January morning while you squeeze her rich milk into a pail for your breakfast..
Corrie - round hollow in a hillside, from the Scottish Gaelic coire, hollow, from Old Irish, cauldron, whirlpool. I love to lie cradled in such a place, and look at the sky while being embraced by the Earth
Cardinal - My Grandpa Metzger's favorite bird. They cheer up the long cold winters. I'll never see one again without remembering my Grandpa's love for the unexpected.

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