Sunday, April 30, 2006

Reality Check

The pressure is on to create more income, as an essential piece of equipment (Oscar's computer) needs replacing. Add that to the increased time the yard takes and I've had little time to do anything but put up ebay auctions and take care of what I can around the house. I truly didn't realize how much time Ebay takes.

The issue is that I can only sit upright for a certain amount of time, and until we get a recliner, that means sitting to type, then lying down, then sitting, then lying down... and in between standing for 5 minutes at a time to do yard work and house work. Life could be LOTS worse, at least I can do what I can do!

I had been using the sitting time for writing, but its all sucked up by the ebay for the next few weeks. I didn't realize how much time away from my writing the ebay takes. I haven't written much of anything since we made the decision to buy a new computer for Oscar.

Long term, the current sacrifice will be worth it. Oscar needs the computer to take the certification classes which in turn will raise his hireability which will lead to a better job, hopefully in a more salubrious environment for our health. Sort of like that old song about the woman who ate a spider.

This will be a HUGE ebay weekend (the first weekend of the month always is) so after this (shooting for 40-50 auctions), I should only have a few more weeks until I go back to the more reasonable schedule of putting items (mostly books) up for auction every other week, 10-20 auctions each time. (mostly to buy gas and support my art supply habit). If any readers are interested, our ebay name is etroll.

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