Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Finger Puppet of Chaos and Compost

Ahh Kali.. she strikes fear into the hearts of many, but I kind of like her. I could do without the blood sacrifice and the dancing on dead men bits..And the necklace of skulls must get smelly sometimes, but there are some positive aspects of Kali that I can use now and then.

In her aspect as destroyer, she's wonderful for transforming negative or useless things into the basic matter of life, thus queen of compost (in the most wonderful sense, of course). Emotionally she can do the same thing for old anger, fear, sorrow. Emotional associations past their time, things that are dragging down the present and impeding healing can be broken down and cleansed away. Cycle of death and life, destruction and rebirth... I see her as the ultimate gardener.

And she makes a damn fine fingerpuppet too.


Treasure said...

It's always interesting to me what a different perspective those in India who venerate Kali have than Westerners often do in our interpretations. Those skulls in her necklace? They're from the demons she's killed - demons of poverty, ignorance, disease, etc.

For example, she is the patron Goddess of the Indian artisan community that makes the wonderful images sold by SacredSource.com, and here's what they say about her:

"Invite Undying Kali to set you Free! Venerated since time immemorial on the banks of the Ganges and throughout India, Kali is the active patroness of the Sacred Source artisan community. She is the Mother who purges us of fear, anger, jealousy and grief, then nurses us back to balance in the ultimate act of soul-healing. Beneath her frightening appearance lies the truth that life, though sometimes fraught with suffering, is rooted in joy. Invoke her and she will bless you with protection and healing."

Kali being associated with Joy, protection, balance & healing is a very different perspective than Westerners are used to for Kali, eh?


Treasure said...

Okay, one more tho't on this -- where did you get your adorable finger puppets???

I want some too!! They'd be perfect for telling stories with when I'm doing the "herding cats" routines Sunday mornings in our UU religious exploration classes with a dozen 6-11 yr olds...

Diana Troldahl said...

I found them on www.northernsun.com and they were very inexpensive!