Saturday, April 08, 2006

Its not QUITE spring here yet, despite the calendar. The sun is bright, but its cold as my elbow out there. No tulips yet (that pic is from a few years ago) but the daffys are about to bloom. The squirrel is humping the hedgehog again. If I can just hold out, it will warm up in a few days and I may actually get outside to dig around in the dirt. I want to edge the flower beds so that I can have a stranger mow the yard without fearing for my flowers.

I have a Critique partner! She's on vacation at the moment, be we;ll begin next week I'll start working on a scene for her to critique today!

Oscar and I have started a project. We're co-authoring a mystery, and having a meeting every Friday to discuss it. We had our first meeting yesterday. I think it willbe fun :-}
We had breakfast at a local place called "The Ugly Mug". Back when it was "The Mud House" I loved it, but I was a smoker then. Yesterday even though we sat as far away from the smoking area as we could, I still reeked of tobacco by the time we got home. The food was ok, but the coffee sucked big time. Not a good sign. So next Friday we'll try a different locale. I have high hopes for a place called "Tom Bombadill" but the access may be an issue.

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