Monday, April 10, 2006

ARRGGH!! I feel as if my head is going to explode, I am having great trouble concentrating enough to get work done on my manuscripts. I felt so fantastic when I was on the allergy meds the doc first prescribed. I've been wrestling since JANUARY to get that scrip filled. WHen I was taking the samples, I felt better than I have in YEARS. My insurance company messed up twice, proscribing the wrong med (Zyrtec without the D) then the wrong TYPE of med (chewable? I don't need chewable, and it wasn't the right strength). And now they won't proscribe the zyrtec D without special dispensation because I'm also proscribed Singular.. hrumph. I had no clue I was allergic to so many things until my appointment in Jaunary. Then the meds really helped! and I've been in a holding pattern since the samples ran out. The Doctor's office and the pharmacy are fighting right along side me, and I have hopes it will be resolved this week, but in the meantime, my brain is about as much use as a half cooked rigatoni.

Anyhoo. thanks for listening

:rant off:

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