Thursday, May 03, 2018

Purple People Feeder

I mentioned the Purple People Feeder - here is a picture of it and the flowerpot that the Zinnias are in.  The large bin is 22 inches by 24 inches, and over 18 inches deep - Food Grade plastic with four wheels.  It was milky white, but because Purple is special to me I chose to spray paint it.  Because it is deeper than any of the other containers we can grow different items in it - long carrots or long beets or anything else that can take advantage of either the width or depth of the larger bin.

For many of our containers we are hoping to succession plant - as in planting a second or sometimes even third or fourth crop after the current crop is harvested.  Some of them we even companion planted, like putting early turnip or radish seeds in with carrots - the turnips and radishes will be picked and eaten before the carrots even poke their leaves out of the ground.

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