Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Knitty and the Gritty

And I do mean gritty. The knitty is actually crochet, as that is my 'comfort craft', the grit is all the dust and sandy stuff in the corners that has gathered from sorting and re-packing old boxes from years ago. Dust! Gritty dust everywhere! Glad it is being cleaned here instead of moving with us LOL.
I am tired today, I managed to get two small pieces of furniture ready for Oscar to load up tonight, and swept a lot, and picked up some larger bits of debris that got caught under my lift chair, and vacuum my lift chair (cat hair! yuck!) and that was about it. No energy even to make supper.
I am working on a shawl that will probably turn into an afghan out of bright and dark yarn scraps. Purple, pink, blue, black, a little green... I like how it is turning out. It is based on the All Season Shawl designed by Priscilla Hewitt, but I plan to figure out how to decrease on each side in pattern and make it a lap-afghan. I think I have plenty of yarn. (sorry for the blurry photo)
The big move is day after tomorrow. I know I need to rest tomorrow as much as possible, and today's packing was just about all I can do. I will focus on getting things ready to go that we need with us in the new place (meds, fixings for tea, our favorite mugs etc) on Friday morning, and the rest of the day will probably really wear me down. Last time we moved it took me a month to recover. We have until the 31st to get everything out of the old place, but for Oscar's sake I am hoping we can get things done this weekend.

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AlisonH said...

I so wish I could dash right over to help. But I'm so glad you're moving into a better place.