Monday, January 19, 2015

Doors vs. No-Doors

With Door being my word for 2015, it highlighted one of the first bits of maintenance that was done on our new apartment. Within an hour of signing the lease, Don and Casey appeared to remove any doors and impediments in my way. Since this is a non-accessible apartment, this meant lowering the door threshold on the main entrance, removing all the accordion closet doors (when you are close enough to an accordion door to open it, the wheelchair blocks any possibility of getting it opened more than an inch or so) as well as doors to most of the rooms. That extra door thickness made it difficult in some cases, impossible in others to squeeze my wheelchair through the opening.
We left the door on the main bathroom, since (of course) folks generally feel more comfortable using one with a door in place but the doors to the back work room and the bathroom with my shower are gone, as well as our bedroom door. I was very pleased with the prompt and friendly service, and feel good about any issues that may crop up in the future. I was even told that if we supply the grab bars, they will gladly install them in my shower for me. Making cookies will ensure friendly service I was told LOL.
That shower was a very pleasant surprise. In the layout shown online, there is only a toilet and sink in the half-bath. In our odd layout however, there is a shower with a very low threshold where I can permanently place  my shower stool. Much safer than what we had here, I think.
I plan to get some spring loaded cafe curtain rods for the some of the closets, particularly the coat closet in the entry way and hang some curtains to replace the door.
Oscar is still exhausted, but got loads done in my opinion. My job today is to make sure supper is ready when he gets home, and to pack more boxes (but not too many). I should be able to get three or four done, though.
The smoke issue is still there, but with the help of Oscar's mom, we will be able to have enough air cleaners to make a big difference. Oscar says keeping the windows open has helped, but that is not a good solution in the depths of winter once we move in!
One of my favorite parts of moving is settling into the new space. We will be able to hang favorite photos and objects that we haven't had space to display for many years. That will likely happen in February. I look forward to sharing the transformation here on the blog.

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Lynne Phelps said...

How wonderful to have a more accessible space! I look forward to seeing pictures of your new home once you are settled in!