Monday, September 15, 2014

Readying For Winter

It has been a busy day for me, I am fairly exhausted, with dinner yet to cook (Chicken and Dumplings mostly prepped, the easy stuff is all that is left, and maybe Oscar can make the dumplings.)

In May, I brought home a group of plants from my dad's funeral. They have been very unhappy in their basket, all the plants crowded together. Saturday Oscar found potting soil and pots 50% off at Meijer, and brought some home for me. Last night he got the patio set up for me to do some 'gardening'.

This morning THIS:

Became THIS:

I used up every last crumb of the potting soil, all the plants have room around their roots and I have a few pots left over in case I want to buy some scented geraniums or herbs for my birthday to add to my indoor garden. 

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