Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Autumn Update

It has mostly cooled off around here. This week's high was 79, today's high will be about 65 (Fahrenheit). Oscar has not found the right job, but the 'right now' job has gained a bit of stability. He still doesn't know for sure if he will be working all week every week, but the contract with Dell has been extended for six more months. (He signed with a 5-week contract about 15 weeks ago.) He has also learned that other workers with the same recruiting agency have scored good-paying jobs will Dell after about a year of doing what he is doing now, so there is that hope as well.
In the meantime, our lease here at the expensive apartment is up in January, so we have decided to look for a place convenient to the Dell assignments that is much less per month. As we need a fairly handicap accessible living space, this will take every bit of time we have, based on our experience moving here a few years ago.
Pursuant to that, I boxed up 4 boxes of wool yarn, and one box of non-wool yarn to head off to the needles and hooks of other charity knitters. No worries, I still have plenty of fiber to keep me busy in the meantime, but it means that much less to move in January. I have a big task ahead of me, sorting, donating and packing. I can do in a month what takes most people a week, so I need to keep pushing forward. Getting rid of that yarn has made some space in the studio to keep sorting things out.
I have stopped requesting review books. I am working on those I already have, and will still do 'emergency' reviews if asked, of course, but I want to minimize that as well at least for now. I want to spend time writing my own stuff instead of the writing mojo all going to reviews.
Oscar is focusing on work, completing an important certification before Hallowe'en and studying toward his bachelor's. He is of course also still looking for a new job.
In other news, I have lost 20 pounds since June, when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and put on meds. It was a great mood-lifter to know that there is a medical reason I could not seem to lose much weight despite all my effort. I also feel better physically now that my blood sugar is under control. More energy, better, deeper sleep at night etc.
I also have about 4 patterns very close to finished that I want to release in October. Fingers crossed they will do well and help the financial situation. Regardless, it will be good to tie those ends off and focus on some new ideas.

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morewithles said...

CONGRATS on the weight loss. And I can't wait to see your new designs!