Thursday, June 06, 2013

Just a Quick Check In

Life is ok. Summer colds, infections, and health issues of other family members are making this an interesting time, but mostly we are enjoying our warm weather. I regret that my health interferes with my craft group, but I have two more crochet students waiting for things to align on a wednesday night so I can teach them hands on.
Biggest news: Oscar begins college full time (while still working full time) on July 1st.
He rocks :-}

I plan to knit a lot for Wool-Aid over the summer, mostly sweaters with a few hats for light relief.
And I am collaborating with a dear friend in Sweden on a few ideas :-}
Life is more than ok, I guess. It is good!
(image is one I took of an exuberantly flowering tree near our apartment)


AlisonH said...

Exuberant is right! That's gorgeous!

I figure, grapes have zinc, zinc is good for colds. Plus I like them, so, any excuse. I'm throwing grapes in the blender with some orange juice to fight off my bug, figuring it can't hurt.

Kym said...

Sorry you're not feeling great ... perhaps it's the up-and-down weather we've been having! Hope you're feeling better soon -- and That Oscar! He does rock! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the check in! :)

Don Meyer said...

Gorgeous pic - looks like one of my postings from this morning. My, you do keep busy! That's good for you. And my congratulations to Oscar. That will keep him busy for a while.