Monday, May 20, 2013

Poetry in Motion

Ok, so this is only tangentially poetry, but so COOL!
It is a sock making machine. I really want to own one someday.
They are sold newly manufactured HERE but with prices starting at $1,265 for the basic model, I may just wait and see if any old ones come up at auction somewhere. Not that a hand machined precision piece of poetry isn't worth it, it definately is... but it isn't in the budget this year! Anyway, I find this kind of thing fascinating and hope you enjoy it too!


Don Meyer said...

I suppose one needs to know what one is doing so that you end up with a sock instead of a sleeping bag.

Marietta said...

That is SO COOL!!

Kym said...

Wow! So fast!

AlisonH said...

My old friend Kathleen on KnitTalk has two, last I heard, and loves them, if you want to have someone to ask questions with.