Friday, January 18, 2013

Special Forces

My husband is a fan of racing. Anything that has an engine holds his interest. This week we have been watching the Dakar Rally.The race has long been known as proof of toughness, a rite of passage of sorts for those wishing to pit themselves and their machines against difficult terrain and conditions.
This year there is a special group of teams made up of veterans of the Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts, from both the U.S. and the British Isles. Not just any veterans, who would be heroes enough, but vets who have returned home with severe injuries including loss of limbs. Their slogan is Race2Recovery 'Beyond Injury, Achieving the Extraordinary'. On day nine of fifteen in the race, only one of their teams remained, but beyond the desire to win, they wish to use this challenge to raise awareness and money to help other wounded veterans.
More of their story can be found HERE


AlisonH said...

Go them! And my thanks for their service.

Don Meyer said...

Their courage is beyond my comprehension!