Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eventful January

So far January has brought stuff difficult to deal with.
A friend died suddenly, one of my new friends here at the apartment complex.
Then a few days later my dad went to the ER and is now fighting his way back from an unknown event in rehab (possibly a series of TIAs) (and doing better, but not safe).
To add to the stress levels, this week both my and Oscar's debit cards were hacked. Thank goodness for Fraud Protection Services! They prevented some rather large charges heading to such places as Ebay India and various other online retailers. We will be ordering new cards, and in the meantime will just deal with things the old fashioned way (cash and checks.)
The house is in disorder, BUT because I can do a certain amount, I have been able to keep up with dishes and some other basic cleaning.
Our shiny, creamy yellow walls are making each day brighter (I will have after photos well, 'after' some of the furniture is in place.) My knitting for Wool Aid is going well, my writing reviews not so well. But I keep trying, and write a bit every day.
Today I think I got more sleep than any other day so far this year. And I still feel sleepy but want to hold off until bedtime. Tomorrow brings more yucky stuff, a doctor visit (regular check up.)
Next week is Dad's birthday so we will be visiting him.
The end of last year was great, though with a visit from my pal Lynx and her son Uilliam.


Ria said...

So sorry about your friend, and sending up prayers for your Dad!!

My debit card got hacked 2 months ago! Fortunately, it was caught almost immediately, unfortunately, I'm still dealing with it.. I had a lot of stuff on autopay... I just had to call the company that imports subscriptions to Simply Knitting because my quarterly payment didn't go through... they were super nice and promised I wouldn't miss an issue.

Don Meyer said...

Yikes! Into every life a little rain must fall, but we can do without a monsoon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for these bumps in the road. Hope things turn around soon! :)

AlisonH said...

Yow. Happy Birthday, Dad, and please get better.

We don't use debit cards. Credit cards have a maximum loss limit of $50 to the consumer, a debit card, the thief can wipe the account clean.

Deb said...

So sorry about the troubles you are having, the loss of a friend is never easy and it brings to mind too often our own mortality, I wish for your day a fast recovery and that things turn around for you soon. I look forward to seeing your after pictures Yellow walls will be like having the sun surround you. Be well.