Friday, December 07, 2012

Stuff and Stuff

Oscar is loving his new role as teacher. It is tiring for him given he is gone from home 12 hours each day and gives his all in the two classes. Fridays are for preparing for the following week's classes and catching up on the house chores that I can't do.
This weekend he is excited to attend a conference beginning early tomorrow until later the same day up in Lansing. He is leaving tonight for the hotel.
Many of his work-mates are complaining about the loss of part of their weekend, but Oscar is excited by another opportunity to learn how to teach better.
Things are very much the same for me this month. I am working on a free pattern intended for use in making baby blankets for Wool-Aid using Tunisian crochet. I am plugging away at reviews and have several books read ready for reviewing. One I am reading at present is very difficult. It is skillfully written but the main character is a drug addict and it is tough to see her self-destruction, and also the violence level in the book is extremely high. Normally I stay away from any such subject matter but the description of the book emphasized the urban fantasy genre and did not make clear that the main character was so messed up and the 'heroes' so prone to using torture. Yuck. But I have a responsibility to write the review so I am plugging away a few pages at a time being careful not to read it too close to bedtime.  I plan to use the review to warn off anyone else who may have my own sensitivities to these subjects while still informing the reader that the author is very good at her job. For example, despite the horrible events and the drug addiction I can't help liking the main character. Her violent boyfriend (not violent to her, but to others) not so much.
I am laying the book aside while Oscar is gone. I don't think I want to trigger any nightmares while he isn't laying beside me. I could write the review right now but it feels wrong to do so until I have finished the story.
The good news is I have plenty of other perfectly lovely and cheerful books to read interspersed with writing the reviews.


Don Meyer said...

What do you do in your spare time? I've been so busy on the computer that I've not had time to read.

I'm glad for Oscar. Teaching can be very rewarding.

Ria said...

I can't tell you how happy I am Oscar found a job he clearly loves so much!

And this new place seems to really agree with you.

I could never read that book.. shudders

AlisonH said...

I'm sorry you have to read that book, and glad you're keeping it away from bedtime. I'm so glad Oscar's so happy with his job; it's been a long time coming, and such a reward.

Deb said...

Even though I don't know Oscar its refreshing when some one views a conference as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than as a lost weekend. With that positive outlook it can only reflect on his work as a teacher and add to his career.