Saturday, December 08, 2012


When I was very ill back in 2001, Oscar bought more than a dozen red and red-striped amaryllis and set them in front of a south-facing window for the month of December.
I love to recall the gorgeous colors as the sun streamed through the petals.

This year he bought another one, this time white. We have both enjoyed watching the stalks shoot up and the flowers open. There are two stalks. One has 4 blossoms, the other three. All but one of the flowers have opened. If the sun returns before the flowers fade, I will take more photos.
For now, here's a glimpse of one thing bringing us a small joy each day this season.


Don Meyer said...

Amazing how such small things can give such great pleasure.

AlisonH said...

My favorites! Tell Oscar I said thank you; those are happy-making plants.

Deb said...

Beautiful plan, I love Amaryllis plants and have thought about trying them out some day, this year I went for the Christmas Cactus so maybe next year I will give them a try.

AlisonH said...

If you get a big bulb, especially, and not one with its roots cut off as some sellers do, it will bloom again and again.