Thursday, August 16, 2012

Watch This Space!

One of the perks of being a media professional with Fresh Fiction (besides the cool job title) is that occasionally you get the opportunity to be part of book promotions. (You also sometimes get wonderful thank you emails from authors, and your words printed on a cover or inside the cover with other quoted reviews.)
One such promotion will begin on September 1st, as part of a Blog Hop for the folks at Romance at Random taking place between the first and the 15th of September. I have no idea yet which day will be my day to host, but we are promised free books and other stuff to give away to our blog readers! Romance at Random will handle shipping to the winners (U.S. only I'm afraid). I will be posting a link to the site high on the right hand side of this page so you can enter at the other blogs as the Blog Hop progresses.
Here's a round up of the prizes:

  • 10 Free romance books
  • Grand Prize $25 Book eGift Certificate
  • 5 President Winner Prizes - Author Elisabeth Barrett will create a personalized promo prize pack

Good Luck to one and all, as far as I am concerned you ALL deserve free books!


Don Meyer said...

I look forward to this!

Kim D said...

Thanks for the GREAT hop!!

rubyswan said...

WHAT BETTER WAY 2 WATCH MAGIC HAPPEN THAN IN A ((Book:))!! ThanX 4 the unspeakable joy I've found in the Gift of a BOOK..:D

Terri said...

thanks for the hop i have so many books that im readin its not funny but would love if there was more the the wizards touch series lol