Sunday, August 19, 2012

Home again, Home again

The past month it has felt like we were stretched between our old house and our new apartment.
As of Friday night, that balancing act is over. Oscar has completed the task of removing anything we wanted to keep from the old house. He will only need to go back if our nephew Tucker needs help with something. Tucker will be selling the items of value at his home, in exchange for part of the profits. It is a good arrangement for both our families.
Friday night when he came home Oscar looked ten years younger. It has been a tremendous strain. The only way I could help was to go over and help sort, and provide emotional support. I feel pretty good too. The next step is one I have been eager for, getting our living room into order so we can have a space of calm while we finish the unpacking.
Oscar slept a lot yesterday and again today. (Me, too.) I think we needed it badly! Today will be about watching NASCAR, getting caught up on housework, and just spending time together.
It feels like the worst is over.
After the living room is in order, we will be unpacking boxes and sorting things. I know we will find plenty to donate. I know our viewpoints on what is necessary and desirable have changed since we started this adventure.
Next month Oscar will be taking a small vacation. We hope before that happens we will have made some large inroads on the task before us.
I also plan to begin the patio planting next month. September is a very good time to plant roses. I want to have at least one chosen and potted up, ready to bloom in the spring.
I will also be thinking about where and how to have herbs growing indoors over the winter. It needs to be a system that still allows the cats to get to their windowsills.
Oscar is looking forward to some gourmet adventures. He loves to cook and plans to try new recipes a few Sundays a month.
I am looking forward to the holidays, I am certain we will have a beautiful home by then, ready for celebrations with friends and family.


AlisonH said...

My daughter grew Meyer lemons in a pot that went outdoors in summer, indoors in the cold--in Vermont! The thorns weren't great for her cats, though.

I love hearing you planning your roses and the happy anticipation. Enjoy!

Don Meyer said...

FINALLY! And it will feel even better when the unpacking and discarding is done. The sleep must have felt great.
Oscar cooks? Are you sending tasting tasty samples? (Alison lives just a few miles away, and she keeps blogging about her baked goods. Not fair!

Ria said...

YAY! A step closer to done!

JaM said...

Home Sweet Home! I'm so very happy to know things are going better for you and Oscar. I admire you both... thanks to your open-hearted blogging.

Moving house is too traumatic for words. You're gone through a huge transition. Take some time to catch your breath and restore your energies. I think I can sense a growing twinkle in your eye: You have more living to do.