Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Waiting Zone

We are at an odd place right now. We are still on the old scarce budget, but waiting for the windfall of SSD back pay, and for the regular monthly income beginning in September.
We are straddling the reality of needing to watch every penny with the future when we will be able to buy what we need when we need it. The two parts of our lives are bridged by dreams and wishes. We have long had discussions about what we would do if and when we had some more income, and now that the reality is within sight it is interesting how those dreams have shifted.
It adds to the complexity that I don't know if I will be receiving two years of back pay or six. (I'm guessing two years). If we got six years worth, we could get a new van, one with a ramp that is big enough for my chair making me truly independent and able to go to the fitness center, knitting events and grocery shopping all by myself. Mind Boggling.

I have been a bit unwell (sinus infections, un-even pain control causing short sleep etc) and haven't gotten as many reviews done the past few weeks as I wanted to. I am hoping that will change soon. I am waiting on a 'scrip sent via mail from my doctor before I can begin taking the new dosage of my new meds. Until the pain control goes kerflooey, you don't realize how much chronic pain effects things like clarity of mind and productivity.
Still, I have managed to do a bit of housework almost every day.

Oscar is exhausted. He has been working both his regular job and sorting and discarding at the old place. With a surprise visit from our friend Chris, things took a great leap forward. Chris was able to help Oscar sort through the computer stuff in his study like only another geek could. It was so wonderful to see him. He is looking GREAT!
The day before that, Marie helped Oscar at the old house while I got to spend time with her seven year old daughter. We had a lot of fun between the knitwear fashion show and the painting of pictures. It is very satisfying to have artwork on the fridge again.

There is only a bit of the study left to do, and then the garage. Our nephew Tucker is helping us out immensely by pre-sorting the garage, as well as taking care of selling anything we don't want. He is earning every cent of the commission, too, listing things on Craig's List, fielding calls from prospective buyers, and meeting them at the house to sell the stuff. He plans a big final sale the 18th or 19th.

I got out and about again yesterday and explored a bit outside of the complex. There is a neighborhood with some lovely gardens about a block away. Next time I'll go in a different direction and see what I can find.


Don Meyer said...

Making progress! The hardest part is the waiting. The prospect of having your own new van and the independence it brings is just too delicious! All in good time!

AlisonH said...

You have good friends. I am so glad. And so glad things are working out.

Anonymous said...

Feel better. And I hope everything settles down soon...

Ria said...

So glad things are heading in a good direction!