Sunday, August 12, 2012


Today Oscar is over at the old place, packing the last of the boxes into the van to bring over. He still has a bit of the garage to go, but the vast majority of the first wave of decision making (the hardest part) is over.
I helped a few days this past week at the old house and it messed me up. I spent two full days here recovering and today woke, still feeling a bit sick from the mold and dust, but with my energy back.

I have been thinking about the way the old house looked and how I felt there. It was frankly totally in disorder. I barely had energy to get myself where I needed to go in the house (bathroom, bed, and kitchen to grab quick meals) with little energy left for cleaning. Still, I made an attempt in the kitchen, on the surfaces I could reach but the bathroom and the floors were lost causes. Compare that to this morning. Even feeling a bit sick, after Oscar left at about 10:30  (with plenty of break time to rest my belly) I managed to run two and a half loads of clothes (including folding and hanging up), get every single dish in the overflowing sink in the dishwasher and/or washed by hand (we hadn't done any laundry or dishes for 3 or 4 days because this week was so hectic), clean 1/2 of the kitchen counter tops including using clorox wipes on the microwave and refrigerator, AND put a pan of Cherry Brown Betty in the oven to have for tonight's dessert.
I am a fatigued, but still feeling enough energy that I hope to make an oriental noodle dish for supper as well as finish some more laundry and perhaps even get the second half of the counter tops done. Although I need to be careful not to do so much I can't work on things tomorrow. Tomorrow I want to attack the kitchen and dining room floors, then move on to do the bathroom, which is a very spacious room. I am still trying to find a solution that will allow me to scrub the tub, but that may have to wait a bit.
I definitely will be tired tomorrow night, but it will feel wonderful to have my clean kitchen and bathroom back again! (Yes I enjoy cleaning. Until I couldn't keep the house up, I didn't realize how much I enjoyed a tidy home.)
On Tuesday I will work in the studio, organizing things.
On the knitting front things have slowed down quite a bit. I am working on a concentric shawl which is 3/4s finished and on a sweater for me from an Anne Hanson (Knitspot) pattern.
On the review front, I managed despite feeling crappy and tired to complete another review this week.
Last weekend I spent time unpacking the books waiting for reviews and organize myself a little. It feels good to have that part of my life in order.
Oscar will be bringing home a lot of boxes which will mean sweeping and mopping the floors will be difficult.
If I can get the studio organized, perhaps I can set aside part of it for the 'in process" boxes to live while we are sorting things over the next few weeks. I am determined to keep the living room a place of calm and tidy order. We can sort things there in sessions, but every bit of the stuff without homes needs to leave the living room before bed each night. We have already unpacked a lot of things, but there are still good places for storage left. This is an incredibly well-designed apartment.


Don Meyer said...

Warning to kitchen and bathroom floors: You are about to be attacked! Take cover!

I, too, like a tidy place to live. It's the getting there I don't care for.

AlisonH said...

It's so wonderful to hear you sounding so happy with everything working out so well.