Monday, July 16, 2012

Red Letter Day and Cooking

Today Oscar teaches his first official class for New Horizons. He'll be covering A+.
He looked pretty spiffy as he left, and was a little nervous. He prepared well over the weekend, so I think he will do just fine :-} I am looking forward to hearing about his day when he gets home tonight.
(Photo above taken just before he got the job.)
Things are going well here. I am not 100% recovered from the move but am pretty good overall. It helps so much that I am able to use the wheelchair instead of taking steps. I am recovering faster than usual. In the past, at the old house it may have taken a month for me to be at this level of recovery from something that messed me up like moving day did.
I also think I am already losing weight, Oscar too. I am doing sit and be fit every weekday, as well as the extra exercise from wheeling around. Oscar is getting a workout with all the moving and walking he does.

It is so nice to be close to a grocery store. We have two less than 5 blocks from here. Last night Oscar brought home loads of fresh produce. Unlike the old house, I am fully able to prepare and cook with all the fresh goodies this week without worrying about them going bad from having to wait until I feel up to cooking.
One of the first recipes I am going to try I saw on the show Christina Cooks.
I will be adapting the recipe a bit, as I want the rolls to remain yummy for at least a few days. If I use the nori then they need to be eaten within about half an hour if you want that crisp texture. I think they will be delicious without, and the cooked greens should hold the rest of the roll together once I apply pressure with my bamboo mat. (note to self, find the mat before starting the recipe in case it hasn't made it over here yet)
Oscar bought some rainbow chard. I'll use the tops of the chard instead of the collard greens and since he plans to dip his rolls in hummus, I'll make just a light chili sauce with a touch of soy and brush it on the veggies.
If we like it, I can think of lots of adaptations I can use. Of course I could use the same mix of stuff and just add a layer of rice on the outside. If I place plastic wrap or parchment paper on the bamboo roll, the rice won't stick to it. I really like that I can make this ahead for about three days of yummy healthy eating :-}
The stalks of the chard will be wonderful to add to a quick pasta dish later this week (with onions, some garlic, olives, roasted peppers, and maybe some ground beef)
I am also looking forward to making the dandelion greens he bought. I love the flavor. My favorite greens are beet greens, but they were all out. We'll hit the farmer's market next Sunday, they should be right in season.
I think I'll cook the dandelion greens with a little panchetta, onions, garlic and some chili flakes (or maybe Thai chili sauce) It would be great served with  a veggie tempeh dish (tempeh baked with a sesame coating, then mixed with some roasted veggies). I can't remember if I need to blanche the dandelions first or not, I'd better look that up!
Dandelion greens also taste awesome added to chicken and rice soup.
Oscar said he bought some produce that wasn't on the list. I am looking forward to discovering it later today when I get all the greens prepped!
It is truly a blessing to be able to cook again. I missed it a great deal.
Edited to add a photo of the finished dish, ready for Oscar's lunch tomorrow:


Don Meyer said...

What are you trying to do, make me hungry?
But it's good to hear(pronounced read) that you are already enjoying the advantages of your new home!

LynnM said...

It's been years since I taught but the lesson I learned too late for the first year group but for subsequent years was that you aren't teaching a subject you're teaching children/people.

I recall some profs/instructors bluffing or being dismissive if they didn't know something but I always felt I was a classroom manager and when I got a question that stumped me it was so easy to praise it "That is SUCH A GOOD QUESTION! Anybody? No? I'll look into it and get back to you!!" Learning is fun, and you learn from your students. Oscar is gonna be stellar, but it doesn't make the first year any harder as that's the year EVERY mistake is made.

Momtroll said...

Oh, I am so happy for both of you.
I know Eric Oscar was looking forward to teaching his first class. I am glad it is happening.
I am glad you can enjoy cooking and getting around in your chair again. I like dandelions in soups. scrambled eggs or omelets. It has such good vitiman A. Swiss chard is so yummy. I like it cooked with a little butter or olive oil.
Enjoy your days in your new home and new job for Oscar.

Ria said...

So Happy for Oscar!
And your menu sounds so yummy - I want to come over!

AlisonH said...

So wonderful. I am so happy for you two!