Sunday, July 29, 2012

Date Night

Oscar and I had a date night tonight at a new-to-me venue.
The Detroit Tiger's home stadium had a lot of Fruitcakes and Parrotheads visiting tonight when Jimmy Buffett, his Coral Reefer Band and Lionel Ritchie filled the huge venue. The accessible seats were fantastic! We were high enough to see every thing (I love watching the Brownian motion of huge crowds). The sun was still up when we found our place, the sky blue, the temps in the mid 80's. We had a wonderful view of the Detroit skyline and the 3/4s full moon rising. As the sun went down the lights on the surrounding buildings went on.
Not my photo, but it approximates our skyline view
 I loved it. The best part? Comerica Park is only about 25 minutes from our front door. Also within blocks are the Fox Theater, Joe Louis Arena, Fisher Theater and lots of other great things to see and do. With my reclining power chair I was able to ease my belly and keep my foot up high enough to make such a long night possible. Concerts and sporting event venues are some of the few places that have enough space for me to recline. Inside theaters it has to be pretty unique. (The Ark in Ann Arbor is one such place, but it is about 35 minutes from us now). The venue and it's employees were extremely wheelchair friendly. Everyone asked if we had a good time, held folks back so we could access the elevator or get to our seating area and were generally sensitive to our presence and needs. They even heavy-lifted the scanner gate when my chair would not make it through. 
Anyway, we both had a terrific time.


LynnM said...

Sounds like a terrific time!

Don Meyer said...

Wow! You are close to good entertainment!

Marietta said...

wooohoo! Awesome!! :)))

Kym said...

So glad you had such a positive experience -- and such a great time! Life is good! :-)

Ria said...

That's great!! Sp glad you had fun - and that they were so nice about helping you!!

Love Jimmie Buffett!! Lionel Ritchie not so much - but it sounded fun!!

AlisonH said...

Cool! Glad you got to go!

And wow, I love that someone else uses the term Brownian motion like that; for me it tends to come out when I'm describing small children.