Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ponderings and Progress

Move in has been set back a bit. Now they are saying early July.
Today the hot weather broke, so Oscar is spending time sorting in the garage.
I spent much of the week going through the stuff in my studio and sorting and organizing or discarding things.
Most of the studio is done, now. Only a few more containers to sort then I can pack things to move them.
I also have been able to review books this week, 3 reviews finished in the past two days.
I recently learned we are not supposed to donate or loan out ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies), only keep or trash them. I can't bear to trash them, at least not right now, so I guess they will be the start of a new book collection.
I finished the samples for a pattern that has been in progress for three years. I packed them away because it will be easier to block them in our new home.
I am currently knitting a Color Affection shawl from leftover skeins of sock yarn.. It may end up going to my sis-in-love because 1. some of the yarn was dyed by her and 2. it is looking like her kind of colors :-}
I like the colors too, but I get much of my enjoyment from knitting the shawl. I have a widow's hump so not all shawls fit me comfortably. If this one does I will either keep it, or make myself another one :-}

My big green and red charity sweater was only lacking seaming and buttons. I like to use non-identical but similar buttons, especially from those my friend Ysabeau sent me but in this case I could not find enough  in the right size that were a close enough match. When I posted my quandary to the Wool-Aid group, a person from New York mentioned I had been pricing buttons online and the least expensive shank buttons were around $1 per button. (yikes!) has a wide selection of buttons, and my minimum $10 order netted me three dozen buttons! One set is unfinished and I plan to play around in the studio with them, making art buttons. I hope to develop an Etsy business selling small pieces of collage art after we are all moved in.
The closer we get to moving in, the more I realize how full of freedom my new life will be, and how very restricted my life here has become. I sense a great lightness of heart. As often is the case, I didn't realize how dark and sad my mood has been until hope and anticipation came. My productivity I think is tied to my happiness. The more depressed I am, the less creative I am able to be. The canary in the coal mine in this case is my review writing. I can knit when depressed, I can even do a bit of math for an already existing pattern but I can't seem to see above the fog to create something new, especially made from words.
As happy as I am anticipating our move, I can hardly comprehend how happy I will become when we are at last settled into our new life!


Don Meyer said...

Out of the darkness into the sunshine. Just don't get sunburned.

BTW, there is an article in this morning's paper about the Terrible Adult Chamber Orchestra. The paper dubbed them the Out of Tuners.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the creativity that emerges when you move. As for the ARCs, can you put them in a recycling bin?