Sunday, June 24, 2012

On to the Next Stage!

It's official, we sign the lease on July 1st.
We have until August 23rd to move completely, which is a nice generous time.
We plan to begin moving the bigger stuff on Oscar's birthday weekend, July 7th and 8th, and move the smaller stuff continually, a bit at a time until we are done.
I am off to make a list of what needs done before signing the lease. (renters insurance, initiating the power company in our name at the new address, etc) (image is of the outside of some of the units in the complex, from the complex's site)


AlisonH said...

Have a wonderful life there!

Don Meyer said...

Woosh! Good looking place. Frankly I don't envy you the process of moving, but you'll love it once you are in.