Sunday, January 01, 2012

Battle Plans

Happy New Year! 12 years ago today I was waking up after my very first date with my now-husband, Oscar. What a long, lovely and strange trip it has been.
2011 brought many changes, the sharpest of which was Oscar losing his job on April 15th. Now, seven months later he has completed five IT certifications, culminating in the CCNA cert he completed Thursday. The average student takes six months to complete even ONE of the five certifications he received in seven months total. To say I am proud is a vast understatement.
Over the summer he has developed relationships with more than 30 recruiters, all of whom told him they would have jobs he was suited for as soon as he obtained that CCNA cert.
Now this first month of 2012 he will send out his revised resume to those recruiters, as well as listing it on job sites like Monster, etc.  The two local(ish) Michigan firms he most wants to work for also have job openings. He has already sent his resume to them.
His 2012 resolutions are 1. get a job he loves, 2. find us a new accessible home near that job 3. get us moved.
Of course I will have input into #s 2 and 3.
In addition I am helping coordinate a vast house declutter, we want to move as few things as possible.
This weekend Oscar sent out 2011 by discarding around 12 bags worth of outdated (15 year old at least) computer equipment, power bricks etc.
I spent yesterday sorting through all our cd media, discarding outmoded computer cds, gathering the music, and helping pack up 4 boxes for moving.
A few weeks ago we went through our clothes and donated about 30%, discarding another 10-20% (too worn to donate) to use for packing fragile items when the time comes.
Today and tomorrow will also be dedicated to decluttering.
Oscar's sister is coming down to help.
Our goal is to empty Oscar's study (the den previously filled with outmoded computer equipment) so we can use it to store the pre-packed boxes ready to be moved.
We realize that, best-case-scenario Oscar could be employed in as little as two weeks, so now is our best chance to really dig in and sort things out.
I am not able to help much, as I am confined mostly to my recliner (it will be grand to find that accessible home where I can use my powered wheelchair!) but I am pretty good at making battle plans . :-}


Karen said...

Reading about your decluttering plans makes me yearn to do the same. We donated four yard bags of clothes last week, but we could do so much more. I think that will be my goal this year--to declutter. Not just the house, but my classroom, my desk, and ME!

I'm excited for Oscar (Eric)--I'm one of the crazy ones who actually loves major change and moves. What a blessing to be able to have the freedom to just pick up and move, with a new adventure ahead for both of you. Ah, wanderlust...

Happy New Year to you both--2012 will be an amazing one!

AlisonH said...

I can't wait to hear the good news that follows this one.

'Zann said...

Happiness & abundance to you for the coming year! And yay on you for the decluttering & planning. All the best,

Ria said...

Oh I'm so proud of Oscar!! My husband has the CNNA and a bunch of others - so I know how much work those are!

Good luck!

I need a kick in the ass to work on clutter!

Anonymous said...

Through all of your challenges you have kept your good spirit- hope that you and your family have many blessings in 2012.

Thanks again for connecting us to our 1971 family Christmas card. After your MIL found it last year (while decluttering) we had it framed and it's a very special memory for us.

Martha from Ohio

Kym said...

I'm thinking 2012 is going to be an exciting year for you and Oscar! Can't wait to see how it unfolds. Enjoy making those battle plans -- and good luck with the simplification!