Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting close to the end, in a good way

Last April 15th Oscar lost his job. Since then he has been working his hiney off studying and taking tests to gain certifications in the IT field. He will be looking for work as a Network Administrator.
This week he is taking the final class in the set required for that type of job. He wants to work in the general area of security, and for that he will continue to study and get certification, even after he is working.
But after this final test (which he hopes to take this week sometime) he will go into full-steam looking-for-a-job mode.
All this time he has been networking with other people in the IT industry, and updating his resume with 30 plus recruiters and a number of online sites as well as looking into companies here in Michigan for whom he would like to work. He has identified two companies that are top of his list. Several members of one of the companies attended the penultimate class with him as I blogged previously. When he showed up to today's class, there they were again. Another week-long period where they can get to know him in the classroom setting. It can't hurt when the time comes for him to apply with them again :-}
We have been decluttering and sorting, preparing for our inevitable move, but that will be going into high gear as well. As it happens, Easter Seals trucks will be in our area next Tuesday. Between that, and a family holiday get together on Saturday, I have a feeling we will be having a busy weekend packing away clothes, games, books etc for them to pick up. I am very excited. I am most eager for the coming change. I am trying to channel my energy into crocheting an afghan for our new livingroom, wherever it may be to try and take the edge off. I learned long ago the closer the time of an anticipated change is, the more excited and anxious for the change I become. It's a happy thing, but can be difficult to live with. For Oscar's sake, I will make this afghan a big one, and have enough yarn to start a second if I need to make two.LOL.


Anonymous said...

Love your positive attitude and sense of adventure about the coming changes. Good luck with everything!!!

Don Meyer said...

I wish Oscar all the luck in the world! Of course heis tilting the luck in his direction with all the preparation.

And keep up the positive attitude. It beats the alternative.

AlisonH said...

I'm so hoping for both of you! It sounds like it's all going to come together quickly after all that waiting. Meantime I do love that crocheting going on in that picture.

Ria said...

I'm so glad he's been able to get all this training.

I'm really proud of how positive you both have been about the situation and upcoming changes.

I will keep you guys both in my thoughts and prayers and can't wait to hear he has a great new job!

Leslie said...

Wow, grand adventure! Take care of you too! Knit on,