Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Synchronicity and Unexpected Opportunities

First to answer a few questions on my last post: 1 1/2 hands meant one hand does 25%, the other 75% of the work. And the photo is of Granny from the Addams Family, played by a woman delightfully named Blossom Rock.
I am now typing almost equally with both hands, but my shoulder complains if I type or knit too long. I have managed to publish two reviews so far this month, though. I am planning to try knitting again today. :-}
Oscar has a full week. He is attending the penultimate class for the first swath of his planned series of certifications about an hour away in Troy. Earlier this summer he had an interview with a company that he really liked, and planned to submit a new resume to them after the first swath of certs is done. When he got to the class on Monday and he and his fellow classmates shared names he found the fellow in the seat next to him was someone from that company that he had interviewed with (it was a phone interview)! He and four other employees were travelling more than an hour from their home base to attend the class in Troy. Not only that, but they told Oscar that they had a big project coming up the first quarter of 2012 for which they will be hiring new people.
So, in effect, Oscar has a unique opportunity to show his stuff this entire week to someone who can help him land a job he would love, with a company he respects. The fellow told Oscar to submit his updated resume directly to him, as soon as the final two certification tests are finished.  Although Oscar plans to take more classes beyond it, the final class in his first selections will be in December. He will be done well before this company will need their new people.
Don't you love it when the universe takes an interest (in a good way)?


Don Meyer said...

WOW! Good news all around! You are getting better, and Oscar is getting closer to the job he wants. Marvelous!

AlisonH said...

I *love* it! Oh, Diana, that's wonderful!

Kym said...

Such good news! Hugs to you and Oscar!