Sunday, November 06, 2011

Healing Quickly!

I would say I am 75% healed to the point I was before last week's fall. I am typing with 1 1/2 hands again, and was able to knit for 10 minutes yesterday. Thank you for all the positive thoughts, I believe they made a huge difference.
And Oscar. he deserves more superlatives than those existing in the English language. He has been a rock.


Don Meyer said...

One and a HALF hands? How you do dat?
And what's with the picture?

On the other hand, glad you are better. Keep it up; prety soon you'll be up to one and three quarter hands.

LynnM said...

Don, I was thinking the same thing! Is that 2.5 fingers, or 5 fingers only doing half the job. Guess we share a brain. (I've also laughed at signs advertising "half body" tans. Left or right? Front or back?)

Diana, so glad you're on the mend, and it's no surprise words fail when you try to describe someone so wonderful! It's heartwarming to read you're healing and that there are living angels like your Oscar.