Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slowing down CAN be more productive

A few posts back I talked abut just letting things unfold at a natural, unforced pace in hope that with less stress and more rest I might get more done.
I think it worked.
I am not as productive as I was last year at this time, but compared to earlier this year I am getting a lot more rest yet also making some (very modest) progress on a few fronts.
I managed to feel well enough to focus on getting two reviews finished, and I also managed to get enough pattern modifications written down to complete a re-write of my Cloud on her Shoulders shawl (the new version will be called 'Light on Her Shoulders').
I also have been able to do the math to increase the number of sections on that stripey shawl to make it almost completely circular. I am currently using the leftover Malabrigo yarn I had in stash to make my winter snuggle shawl. My former winter snuggle shawl got felted, and was too small for me, so I am using the same brand of yarn to make certain the shaping is what I want for the new pattern, and keep myself warm this winter.
Since I wear this inside, I am not particularly fussy about the colors, and am actually looking forward to the surprise of how it will look when finished. I have completed the part of it that is using colors I feel certain go well together in an harmonious manner, and am entering the section using the last two remaining yarn colors: a rich shading of red to pink called Amoroso striped with an oddly purple gray shade called Alpine Pearl. Will it be beautiful? I don't know yet, but it will be snuggly, soft and warm :-}
Oscar has been very busy in class all week. He is home taking the course on the computer, but it means an eight-hour day in the study, and he has whatever bug I had most recently. I think he will spend a lot of time sleeping this weekend.
Even though I have been sick, instead of stressing about what I wasn't accomplishing I took a nap when I felt tired and tried working after waking up each time. At first I could only add a note or two on the patterns, or a sentence or awkwardly worded impression on a review but eventually I was able to clearly express my descriptions and opinion and complete a review, and on the design side, could think of the sequence of stitches to make an evenly spaced number of increases to make the shawl circular.
I am spending some time thinking about what pattern I will work on next (I have four patterns that are almost completed) and reading a bit ahead for reviews due in the upcoming months.
Although it seemed counter intuitive I can now say that slowing down helped my production, which in turn helped my mood a great deal :-}
Next step in the completed pattern (Light on Her Shoulders) involves blocking the shawl and photography, both of which need Oscar's help. At our new home I plan to have space to do my own blocking and if I am lucky , my own photography. In the meantime I am very glad Oscar knows his way around crafty skills!
Below are the two interesting colors that will be combined at the bottom of my winter shawl:


Kym said...

Very wise, Diana! It's so hard to let go and just listen to what our bodies are telling us. Sounds like you're finding a good balance-point for yourself.

Don Meyer said...

You got that one right! Just do what makes sense; you'll feel better in the long run, as you've already discovred.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like you are really doing what you must to make some progress, without making yourself worse. We've been doing similar things around here, my dh is still trying to adjust to the latest changes in his meds, and I'm trying to be there for him. I'm pretty concerned about him, as you can guess! Thinking about you often, trying to get it together to maybe rejoin QC which might make me feel less isolated. I'm pretty isolated right now... oops, I didn't mean to go there. hugs! Ysabeau