Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adventure, Excitement, a Designer Craves Not These Things

So I have been knitting for about a week on a trial shape for the new stripey shawl. I wanted it to be more circular. I used all my partial skeins of Malabrigo, all but the last few yards in fact. I was SO close to finishing last night, about half done with the bind off but I was forced to put it away when the fingers on my right hand started spasming. (I usually pick up the signals before things get to that point but I SO wanted to see the finished shawl and find out if the shaping worked!)
Anyway. I finished the binding off this morning and holding my breath draped the shawl around Zelda (my dressmakers dummy and invaluable assistant, right behind Oscar in importance to Otterwise Designs).
WHEW! it WORKED!!!! If I had been wrong, if the shaping had been too full, it would have been back to the drawing board and another week's work trying out another shape :-} (please ignore the messy background and Zelda's unsightly neck)


Don Meyer said...

Yes, that DOES work! But it looks like the dummy lost its head.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! I *need* a Zelda! :)