Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Update

The good news is the big 341 meeting is over with, and other than my electric wheelchair trying to destroy the Trustee's table as I left, things went well (the Trustee was very understanding, there was not much room for my electric wheelchair and it caught the leg of the table as the feet of the wheelchair caught on the carpet as I attempted to back away).
The medium news is that, as expected, I am fairly exhausted today. But I have some important but simple knitting to do. (As a person who worked most of my life, that sentence sounds odd to me, too, but as my business is all about fiber, it is a true statement)
The bad news is fairly bad. Oscar will not be receiving any help from the government for his training and certification from this year's budget. The next fiscal year starts in October, and the people who will be earmarked for help first include former members of the military, and laid-off factory workers. This seems fair, but left Oscar in an awkward spot.
The wonderful news is that with help from family he will proceed and do as much as he can, and in the meantime he will be excused from massive work-search duties otherwise required for his unemployment.
He has set up a grueling schedule for himself with New Horizons.
He has signed up for the Mentored Learning sessions every day they are available, and will be attending his first official class 5 days a week beginning the 27th. He is attending the mentored learning classes this week and next to get a head start.
He plans to power through the A Plus classes (two section, 21 mondules, about 4 modules a day) then take that test, all the time studying on his own for his first Cisco certification.
Then he will line up the next class (still studying on his own for Cisco) and get as much done as quickly as he can.
All the time still helping me package Ebay stuff, and keep the house running smoothly.
I am longing for the day when we move to an accessible home and I will be able to help in the house again.

(photo is picked randomly from my files, of ferns up in Gaylord Michigan)


AlisonH said...

Crum. I'm sorry. And thank heavens for unemployment. (Thinking of an early-1800s ancestor who was injured for life working on the railroad line, whose employer thought he was being uncommonly generous because he paid him through the whole week for work he wasn't even going to be able to do anymore! What a guy.)

Thank heavens society is better than that now.

Ria said...

Still keeping you guys in my thoughts!

Don Meyer said...

Good Heavens, the two of you are busy! I pray that all goes well.

Anthony G said...

Glad the the 341 meeting went well. I remember going through that and being so worried, and it really was just us worrying to much. 2 years later we now own a different home free and clear. Everythng works out, just a little faith is needed. As far as Eric's job trainging, he will get through it and be better off for it.