Saturday, June 18, 2011

Experimentation / Chomping at the Bit

I mentioned a few posts back that I have been experimenting with drawing up my own lace designs. (Photo to the left is a proto of a proto of a prototype to show how messy the things begin) I have come up with about 3 good ideas, now to make one (or more?) of them something I love :-}
I am on the home stretch on the third Kaleidoscope Capelet, and I like it a lot. (Photos after blocking, whenever that happens).
I want to finish a shawl/capelet idea I started a year ago, then move on to a summer-weight cotton shawl based on my Withig pattern with contrasting border.
Then there's the finished pattern for the mystery knitalong I did earlier this year, and the textured hat, cowl, mitt, mitten set I have almost finished. And a new reversible Hat and Scarf set based on a ribbing pattern I made up (maybe socks, too, who knows). If, as is likely, someone else has also thought of this, I have yet to find it in my multitude of stitch dictionaries, so I am eager to get that out there, too. I already have a name for it (saving that for it's debut).
And a sock based on an old wrapped stitch pattern.
And then there are the sketches I made of summer tank tops/baby doll tops that I have yet to do anything with.
I am SO eager to be on to the next thing, but the pattern I am working on at the moment deserves my full attention, first.


Don Meyer said...

Good Heavens! Besides dreaming up patterns, you also have to come up with names, too. How about George, or Mary, or Stacy, or Benjamin? Oh, never mind!

AlisonH said...