Monday, April 11, 2011

I'll Fly Away

Back in September 2008 I designed a free pattern based on Clara Parkes' triangular shawl instructions. I used colors I knew my friend Faye would like and a combination of yarns that ended up in a snuggly, squooshy fabric.
I named it Faye's Cozy Shawl and sent it to her along with her husband, Ralph's scarf, the protoype for another free design the Easiest Farrow Rib Scarf.
One of the things I like to do every few days is look at a page on Ravelry that shows me any recent activity regarding any of my patterns. This can range from someone favoriting or queuing the pattern, a comment on someone's project or my favorite, photos of completed objects.
Not long ago I noticed a Faye shawl made by a user named Tayogini, titled 'My First Shawl' and one of her photos struck my heart. At Faye's memorial a few weeks ago, one of her friends mentioned whenever the old gospel song 'I'll Fly Away' was played, no matter where she was Faye would spread out her arms and dance back and forth, moving her arms like wings. I can remember Faye doing just that. What a wonderful memory.
And what a lovely joyful reminder Tayogini gave me by choosing Faye's pattern for her first shawl. (the photo above is used with the permission of Tayogini)
Another pattern I wrote in September 2007 was made expressly for my friend Deb Nickerson. (Affectionately called Nickers). Each time that pattern (Cloud on Her Head) is made it brings the memory of Deb close again.
Now I have Faye's shawl to do the same. I had no idea when I designed them they would provide such lasting comfort, not only to those who were gifted with a project made from the pattern, but to me, each time they are discovered and used anew. I am very thankful.


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Don Meyer said...

As a 'no knitter' I can say with conviction that your patterns are gorgeous.

Oren said...

A beautiful model for a beautiful shawl.

AlisonH said...

Beautiful! (Dare I laugh that it could never have been a mobius pattern or I'd have been teasing you about your Nickers in a twist?