Monday, September 29, 2008

Shawl For Faye free knitting pattern

I've mentioned my friend Robynn here before.
Her mother, Faye, is also very close to my heart.
I made a shawl for her this month, and it turned out so squooshy and warm and easy, I want to make a similar one again.

It is a very basic pattern, loosely inspired by the ONE SKEIN SHAWL by Clara Parkes, published in Knitters review.

When I am making a shawl for warmth, I prefer to exchange the yarn over increases (which leave a hole in the fabric) for 'Knit in the front and the back loop of the same stitch' which is one of the increases that results in a solid fabric. I also prefer to work the shawl in garter stitch instead of stockinette, as the fabric is thick, and warm, but still has a lovely drape.

For Faye's shawl, I used a variegated worsted yarn held together with knit picks "quarry" (a super soft boucle). Quarry is listed as a bulky yarn, but I found it too thin for that. It did however make a wonderful warm shawl when held together with the worsted, and I it really toned down the very gaudy variegated yarn I had on hand. I think similar results could be had with any soft fuzzy yarn and any variegated yarn held together.

I used about 2oo yards each of the worsted and of the fluffy, and size 13 (9 mm) needles It made a medium sized shawl.

To change the YOs into KfBs, the stockinette into garter stitch, my version of Clara's pattern goes like this:
(note, it is handy to use two different colored or shaped stitch markers. I use green and red. For me, green means 'go' and when the green marker is first in line, it is an increase row, when the red marker is first in line, it means I just knit straight across)

Cast on 7 stitches

Establishing rows
a: K1, kfb, kfb place 'green' stitch marker, k1, place 'red' stitch marker, kfb, kfb, k1.
b: Knit across all stitches

Row 1: K1, kfb, k to 1 stitch before marker, kfb, sm, k1, sm, kfb, k until there are two stitches left, kfb, k1.
Row 2: K all stitches

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you judge you have only enough yarn left for binding off (or until the shawl is large enough), then bind off.


AlisonH said...

Beautiful! I hope she feels well loved and hugged.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure row 1 shouldn't read:

Row 1: K1, kfb, k to 1 stitch before marker, kfb, sm, k1, sm, ***__KFB___****, k until there are two stitches left, kfb, k1?

otherwise the shawl would grow one strangely long 'wing'...

Diana Troldahl said...

Good catch, thank you!!

I've edited the post with the correction,

Lutrah's Ocean Alter said...

It's really lovely!
I am busy knitting socks, but I want to make a shrug for DD for her birthday, I think this would almost be her....I'll have to think about it....
Beautiful colors, so fall... like pumpkin spice!

Anonymous said...

cool, nice one, but my color choice is somewhat different...anyways good work