Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Another Fabulous Resource

No doubt many of you know about the Library of Congress. Over the past while, they have expanded their service to include fully online accessible photos, sound recordings,  maps, movies, manuscripts and historical information of all sorts.

I am partial to the photos, myself, as I can search for whatever term catches my whimsy and find so much visual information. I am also very glad of the sound recordings and the films of performances. Really, I find everything they have shared fascinating. I have longed to visit D.C. to see the Smithsonian museums and places like the L.O.C. but that is a difficult proposition.

Because of the internet, though, I can have the next best thing. As a writer, it is a rich resource for research. Just as a curious sort of person, it is also a way to keep learning something new anytime I feel the urge.
My life is fairly small these days, I leave the house about once a week and have very few local friends to spend time with. I do have many online friends, but despite the pleasure that brings me, it really isn't the same. I have some good news in that area, though. Oscar's work schedule is changing, and he will have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. As it happens, those are two nights when there are local knitting groups meeting. So, when he is able to provide transport, I will be able to interact with more people sharing common interests.

Still, I am very greatful to live in this time period, when I can access part of the world online. Without it, I would not be able to sell my patterns, or have so many interesting friends within reach of my keyboard.
(the image above is from the Lamb Studios archive, drawings made for designing stained glass)


Kym said...

Oh, wow! I had no idea they offered so much stuff online! What a treasure trove.

AlisonH said...

Oh good. I'm so glad. Knit night with good friends is the best cure for cabin fever.