Friday, November 19, 2010

Chicken and Barley Stew

Oscar and I are a little under the weather.
I decided it was the perfect day to cook some chicken and barley stew. The house smells wonderful, and it will taste great for supper this evening.

I don't really have a detailed recipe but this is how I made it today:

Boil 8 cups of chicken stock, add maybe 2 pounds of skinless boneless chicken thighs and 'Cajun Mirepoix' (celery, onion and bell pepper) as well as some chopped carrots and a lot of minced garlic. Simmer until the chicken is falling apart, then add a cup or so of barley (depending on how much liquid is left). When the barley is cooked, add some freshly cut small pieces of broccoli or any other green veg that sounds good, and cook only until done.
Adding the green veg at the end really freshens the dish.

In the past I have also added turnip greens, spinach, tomatoes (back when I could eat them) or a little lemon juice (same).
I also might add some thyme or marjoram and some freshly ground black pepper toward the end of cooking today, if I feel like it.

We'll end up with enough for supper tonight and 6 to 8 meals for Os to take to work for lunches.


AlisonH said...

Sounds wonderful!

LynnM said...

I would really love to visit you and Oscar for dinner some day when you are both ill.