Monday, October 18, 2010

Blerghish, but Better

Yesterday a nasty flu bug hit with both feet straight onto my sinuses about 4 a.m., and wiped me out for the day. I couldn't read, I couldn't knit, I couldn't watch tv. Thank goodness I was able to sleep most of the day, and feel better for it today. I am still shaky, but I can knit, and keep food down again, if I am careful with the food selection.

I hope Oscar's illness this weekend was a milder version of this, he seems mostly well now.
I only have 3 days left to finish three shawls. I have already started them, so chances are good if I can knit a lot between now and Thursday.

In happier news, My friend LynnM sent me an Ottery link:

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Kym said...

Hope you're feeling better!