Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Almost There

I feel much better, but still get shaky when I do too much. A few more solid nights of sleep should set me up. Thursday is a big day, the photo shoot for the 'Gentle' Shawl and a few other new samples of older patterns.
I will go to the gardens early to scout locations, I have no idea what the frost has left for us to use!
Going early also means I can spend time taking non-business photos, and enjoy the gardens.

Being so sick has put me a bit behind, but I have 4 shawls completely finished, and two more half done. I hope to have at least one more finished for Thursday, and the other might have to be modeled on Zelda a day or so later if I don't finish it tomorrow. It is on smaller needles, and takes longer than some of the others.

It has been fun figuring out how to present the multiple gauges, yardage requirements and repetitions in a clearly usable format, but I think I have it covered. The pattern is almost finished, I hope to only need to plug in the photos and publish (hopefully) on Saturday.

Next up; a long sleeved shrug, a stranded wrister and cowl set, a reworking of the Dragon Butt hat, some socks in dk weight, wristers in manly style, a child sweater and a shawl or two for spring. And I know there are more plans, but I need to check my sketch book :-}

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AlisonH said...

Wishing you a full and quick recovery--both of you. Good luck with the shawls--you do nice work! (Said the very lucky recipient.)