Saturday, September 11, 2010

A short political statement

I disagree with those who are against building a mosque near ground zero. Muslims died in the World Trade Center, too.
I am against those who grandstand and cheer on those who would burn the Quran. The Quran contains as much and as little wisdom as the King James Bible.
Painting all Muslims with the same brush is like judging Christianity from the examples of the Jonestown Massacre and the incident in Waco, Texas.
I am not Christian. I am not Muslim. I am a human being, as are all of you.
Speaking to those who support such heinous acts as bombing, burning books and judging a person or building by the worst of those who share the faith, please, grow up and look beyond your tiny little cage of a world.
Get to know someone of a different faith than yourself, their loved ones and family, and open your mind and heart to humanity as a whole.
There are evil people out there, no doubt, but they hide behind many flags and religious symbols. Don't be controlled by their actions, but by the generosity of heart that makes us people who contribute to the balance of good in the world.


AlisonH said...

Amen. No, wait--more like this: A M E N !!!!

fleegle said...

Yes. Thank you. It needed to be said.

As for spinning in a recliner, yes to that too--it's easy to do. Give it a, um, whirl :)

Mokihana said...

Thanks Diana... great post. It's really sometimes difficult for me to wrap my mind around some peoples' behavior. He claims to be a Christian but sure doesn't act like one.

LynnM said...

I mentioned it over at Lene's but in case you didn't see, be sure to read Michael Moore's post on this subject. You Michigan folk certainly agree on this!

Kym said...

Sing it, Sister!