Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I received an award!

Angel at Gambit's View sent me an award!
She has a neat blog where she shares music, humor, crafting and lots of other stuff.

Thank you Angel! Now I need to tell you 7 things about myself, and choose 15 bloggers to share the award with. (15!)

First the 7 things:
I want to share 7 things people would perhaps be least likely to guess about me.

1. Since meeting my husband, I have become an avid fan of NASCAR.
2. I have vivid dreams, in color, where I am myself inside, but living a different life; with a different name, different history and different friends and family and no memory of my life as it is when I am awake. Like a parallel universe thing.
3. When I was in kindergarten, I would pretend not to know how to tie my shoes, so my boyfriend Paul would do it for me.
4. One of my favorite snacks is potato chips dipped in cottage cheese.
5. I was on TV when I lived in Japan, on a children's cable tv show. I played the color orange, and an old lady with green hair.
6. I have a weakness for office and school supplies, particularly notebooks and pens. I have many hundreds of pens, and dozens of note books/blank books. And I don't think I have too many. Oscar brings me a notebook or a pen once in a while as a surprise, and I always get a special glow.I like post it products, too, especially those colorful flag thingies.
7. I get most of my informational and non-fiction reading done in the bathroom. There are always stitch dictionaries, books on the craft of writing, books on paganism, books on archaic words (and a notebook and pen for pattern ideas and sketches) available there.

The 15 bloggers. Wow, that seems like a lot. I will just choose until I get tired LOL.
I am choosing them from the basis of the award, for having a wide variety of posting themes. I am also choosing bloggers who post on a fairly regular basis. In no particular order they are:

Although I do not read Portuguese, the images with which she illustrates her blog are fascinating. I love the interplay of color and texture and there are so many different themes covered.

'Zann's Lizards In The Leaves is about poetry, grief, art, community, weaving, felting, and how those things help heal and build a good life.

Deb Robson's blog, The Independent Stitch covers topics including but not limited to biking, fonts, being a vegetarian on the road, fiber, publishing, wolves, unexpectedly encountered beauty, knitting, spinning and travel.

Lene Andersen's The Seated View is a great place to visit, too. She talks frankly about the challenges she had and has in her life. She shares beautiful and insightful photography. She reviews movies and books, rants and celebrates depending on her feelings on various subjects, and perhaps best of all, teaches me about the positive impact anyone can have on their world.

Ok. That's only 4.
Although there are likely more, those are the blogs that stand out in my mind as the most varied in topics, and who post regularly. And I am tired, having contracted yet another cold this week.


morewithles said...

I love those tidbits about you -- thanks for sharing!!!

Kym said...

The color orange, huh? Sounds fun! If I could play a color, I think orange would be the one! (Also, I share your fondness for office supplies. Especially tempting at this time of year!)